Next Galaxy Pre Reserve VIP Pass

Next Galaxy Pre Reserve VIP Pass

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How to Pre-reserve

The pre-reserve window will be live between 31st July’22 till launch time on 10th August'22 or till further notice.

Pre reserve doesn't require any model. The amount and benefit of pre-reserve VIP pass will be adjustable to your final purchase of the product which you can decide later.

The steps to pre-reserve are as follows:

  • Click on the Add To Cart button above to add Pre-reserve VIP Pass in your cart.
  • Pay ₹ 1999/- using the payment options available.
  • You will get a confirmation of purchase of the VIP Pass through email, WhatsApp & text message on your phone.

Benefits of Pre-reserve

  • Be among the first few customers to lay your hands on the #Next Galaxy.
  • Application of the Pre-reserve VIP Pass during final purchase will reduce the total payable by ₹ 1999.
  • You will also be eligible for benefits of ₹ 5000 at the time of final purchase of the device.
  • Pre-reserve offer is over and above of all Pre-booking offers which are provided by Samsung.

When can I apply Pre-reserve pass

Post successful purchase of Pre-reserve VIP pass, you will receive a welcome email from us informing about the Pre-reservation. You will be able to apply after pre reservations are over on your final purchase model.

How do I buy new Galaxy? When do I pay the remaining amount?

  • Post successful purchase, you will receive a welcome email from us clearly detailing the Pre-reserve VIP Pass redemption usage & a coupon code will be provided to you after closure of pre reservations.
  • Please visit us on & purchase the new Galaxy using your Pre-reserve VIP Pass to avail exciting benefits.
  • You can also call our helpline number 1-800-11-9777 for any further assistance.
  • While paying for the new Galaxy your total Cart amount will be reduce by ₹ 1999/- (Amount which you are paying for Pre-reserve VIP pass)

What are Prepaid options for Pre-reserve VIP Pass?

We accept all mojor modes of prepaid payment for the Pre-reserve VIP Pass.

Is COD available?

Cash On Delivery is not allowed for Pre-reserve VIP Passes. However, the remaining balance can be either paid using Cash on delivery or by using any other payment options available. Availability of COD is subject to service availability and website discretion.

What happens if I cancel the Pre-reserve VIP Pass?

No Questions asked. We would refund 100% amount paid (₹ 1999) back to you.

What happens if I don't utilize the Pre-reserve VIP Pass?

The coupon if not utilized till 23:59 hours on 20th August’22, will stand automatically cancelled and refund of the Pre-reserve VIP Pass of amount ₹ 1999 will be auto generated to your source account from where you made the payment.

How to cancel a Pre-reserve VIP Pass?

You can cancel Pre-reserve benefits by emailing us at or you can also call our helpline number 1800119777 and we would refund 100% of amount paid during Pre-reserve. You can also WhatsApp us at 9899740474.

  • Accepting pre interests & reservations only
  • Release date of product is on 10th August 2022
  • This is a VIP Pass for pre booking your Next Galaxy device
  • You get to buy first when the window opens
  • Limited number of passes available, act fast
  • VIP offer is only for a limited period
  • Benefits of ₹ 5000 for every pre reservation made within the offer period will be as per Samsung.
  • Once pre booking starts, this special offer will be withdrawn.


  • Specifications and colour options are country specific
  • Details yet to be released for India
  • You will get a chance to select your favourite spec/model first
  • Product availability will be announced soon
  • All products supplied from Samsung India

Terms & Conditions

  • Pre reservation happens before pre booking starts. This gives you a special prime booking window before others start to pre book their slots.
  • This is an advance payment for registering your interest for pre order of Next Galaxy device which will be later pre booked and then fulfilled by South Port Retail (Premium Reseller For Samsung India).
  • All eligible pre reservations get VIP passes to pre book their device and will stand a chance to first purchase the Next Galaxy with all eligible Samsung pre booking offers from Samsung.
  • Pre reservation customers will be getting pre booking benefits also and customers will be informed through email and call to pay the rest of the amount after which the device will be delivered to you.
  • You can also pick up device from our Samsung Smart Cafe in Delhi when stocks are made available and deliveries start from Samsung.
  • Pre reservation amount is also considered as a part payment and is adjustable towards pre booking and also in the final purchase price of the total purchase amount.
  • This process will be based on a first-cum-first serve basis, so whoever purchases a VIP pass first gets the product first. Buyers will be given a time window to close their pre bookings and make final payments to get their handsets with all eligible schemes in fastest time possible.
  • Invalid entries/failed payments/cancellations/order modifications will lead to passing the chance to the next eligible buyer who will be informed accordingly by our team.
  • Deliveries will take 1-3 business days depending upon your order number and supply availability of the stocks from Samsung India.
  • For all invalid entries for which rectifications are not made with in a stipulated period of time, the amount will stand as a credit or will be 100% refunded.
  • 100% risk free purchase as all pre reservation VIP passes are completely refundable if pre bookings are not done.
  • In case of any cancellations of pre booking later on from the side of customer, the amount will stand as a credit and will be added to gift cards redeemable against any purchase from our store.

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