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COD Terms & Conditions

  1. We have started to accept COD orders only for certain permissible values depending upon your pincode allowance & servicability of the service provider. This is done at sole descretion of the courier and you will be informed by our team after placement of order if any changes are there.
  2. We apply COD fee of 199 to all cash on delivery orders over and above the cost of the item and the fee amount is payable in advance. This fee is non refundable and is taken for the charges we incurr to manage and handle cash packages.
  3. Once the COD fee is received from your end, we dispatch the item at cost value which is then payable at the time of delivery.
  4. In case COD is not servicable at your location pincode then the order will be converted to prepaid and you will be informed by our executive.
  5. The COD charges are payable in advance before shipment of the order and is strictly not payable on delivery.
  6. You have to make the COD payment with in 24-48 hours of order placement so that the order can be shipped timely.
  7. Estimated delivery time is not applicable on COD packages.
  8. Express delivery is not available on COD orders. It usually takes 3-4 business days to deliver COD orders and in some cases up to a week.
  9. Orders on which fee is unpaid will stand auto cancelled without exception post 48 hours.
  10. You can make the COD fee payment at this link:
  11. The fee amount is inclusive of all taxes and is billed in your invoice.
  12. Any fees paid against orders which stand unshipped or which cannot be fulfilled or are cancelled before the shipment by South Port are refunded back to original payment method with in 5-7 business days.
  13. COD Fee paid on order is valid for single order and is for one time use only. This cannot be transferred or adjusted unless otherwise approved.
  14. Any shipped orders which are undelivered or rejected due to the reasons of post purchase rejection or cancellation are strictly non refundable. They will be used to settle the cost of shipping and RTO.
  15. If an order is returned back to us without a delivery attempt due to issues related to courier service, then the package will be reshipped to you on the same fee privided there is no pincode issue and there is no issue in address detail and is locatable.
  16. All disputes are subject to Delhi jurisdiction. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our customer service team at 1800-11-9777 toll free or WhatsApp +91-9899740474.

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