Samsung Care+ 1 Year Extended Warranty

Samsung Care+ 1 Year Extended Warranty

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*Please select the plan category based on the corresponding model list below:-

Category  Models
  • M01 Core
  • J2 Core
  • A03 Core
  • A03s
  • M12
  • M11
  • M21 4GB (2021)
  • F12
  • F02s
  • M02s
  • M02
  • M01
  • A03 Core
  • A13
  • A23
  • A12
  • A22
  • M21 6GB (2021)
  • A32
  • M32 5G
  • F41
  • F42 5G
  • M42
  • A31
  • M21
  • M31
  • M31s
  • A21s
  • A20s
  • F62
  • A52
  • M51
  • M52 5G
  • A51
  • A52
  • A70
  • A70s
  • A71
  • A53
  • S21 FE
  • A52s
  • A72
  • S20 FE
  • Note10 Lite
  • S10 Lite
Super Premium
  • S22
  • S22+
  • Z Flip3
  • S21
  • S21+
  • S21 Ultra
  • Note20
  • Note20 Ultra
  • S20
  • S20+
  • S20 Ultra
  • Note10
  • Note10+
Ultra Premium
  • S22 Ultra
  • Z Fold3


Category (Tablets)  Models
  • Tab A7 Lite
  • Tab A8.0
  • Tab 10.1 (Wi-Fi)
  • Tab A8 (2022)
  • Tab A7
  • Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi)
  • Tab A10.5
  • Tab A10.1 (LTE)
  • Tab S7 FE
  • Tab S6 Lite (LTE)
  • Tab S5e
  • Tab S4
  • Tab S8
  • Tab S8+
  • Tab S8 Ultra
  • Tab S7
  • Tab S7+
  • Tab S6


Category (Wearables)  Models
  • Watch4
  • Watch4 Classic
  • Watch3
  • Watch Active2
  • Galaxy Watch


Claim Process

Oops! You’ve dropped your phone on your way to work- and to your dismay, the screen seems to be shattered. What should you do? If you are already a Samsung Care+ member, rest easy. We can restore your device quick and easy. Visit your nearest Samsung Customer Service Center, or avail free pick-up for authorized, convenient repair services provided by our trained professionals. Your policy will be verified in a few minutes, as you complete payment for one time deductible charges. That’s it! No other paperwork required!

Extended Warranty

Covers technical & mechanical failures.

Does Not Cover

  • Loss of device
  • Theft of device
  • Devices with modified software or hardware


  • 1 Year from expiry of Original Warranty


  • This is an official Samsung Care+ Plan sold by Servify
  • Device is serviced at Authorised Samsung Care Centres only
  • Service plan care+ & servify terms and conditions apply
  • Processing fees applicable at the time of taking service as per policies

Activation of Plan

Your plan activates within 24 hours of purchase. Please make sure you are purchasing this plan with in 180 days of device purchase. If you make a purchase after 180 days of your device purchase, then your device will not be valid for activation of the care+ plan without physical disgnosis. Please feel free to contact us regarding any clarifications.


Samsung Care+ plan and services are jointly managed by Samsung & Servify in India. South Port, or South Port Retail are not the service providers of this plan in any way. All plans are sold only as per manufacturer policies. Care+ plan services are extended only as per Samsung policies and only through their authorised and enrolled Samsung service centers. Buyer has to personally visit Samsung service center for application of claim and have to follow the process as laid by the company including payment of any processing charges, one time fees or file charges. Sellers of the plan have no legal liability or responsibility about this product's services or implied instances related to it in any manner in future. All decisions related to claims are of the service provider and only at the sole discretion of Samsung or Servify.

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