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Lamy AL-Star EMR Stylus Pen - South Port™
Lamy AL-Star EMR Stylus Pen - South Port™
Lamy AL-Star EMR Stylus Pen - South Port™

Lamy AL-Star EMR Digital Stylus Pen

Lamy Germany
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Based on the case of the LAMY AL-star ink roller, this digital stylus has been developed for tablets, smartphones and notebooks. Equipped with the patented Wacom EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star black EMR operates completely de-energized - without battery or charging. It is compatible with most mobile devices that support Wacom EMR technology. These include, for example, the Galaxy Note tablets and smartphones from Samsung, but also many devices from other manufacturers.

LAMY AL-star black EMR (Digital Stylus) | Lazada Lịch sử giá Bút cảm ứng cao cấp lamy al-star emr stylus #471 - digital  writing new - hãng phân phối chính thức cập nhật 1/2023 - BeeCost LAMY AL-star black EMR stylus - Fontoplumo Features
  • Based on the housing of the LAMY AL-star rollerball, the digital input pen was developed for tablets, smartphones and notebooks and offers the familiar writing experience with perfect ergonomics
  • Equipped with the patented EMR technology from Wacom, the LAMY AL-star black EMR works completely without electricity - without any battery or charging
  • With its interchangeable contact tips and over 4,000 pressure levels, it is just as suitable for writing long texts as it is for making complex sketches and drawings
  • Different surfaces require different tip materials for the writing instruments - different tips should be used for protective films depending on the surface
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

I bought both Lamy EMR nib options so you don't have to : r/RemarkableTablet

Nib Options

ของแท้ 💯 % Lamy AL-Star Black EMR ปากกาลามี่ที่สามารถเขียนบนมือถือและ  Tablet | Shopee Thailand

ของแท้ 💯 % Lamy AL-Star Black EMR ปากกาลามี่ที่สามารถเขียนบนมือถือและ  Tablet | Shopee Thailand

พร้อมส่งแล้วจ้า**อะไหล่ หัวเปลี่ยน ปากกาลามี่ EMR ทัชสกรีน (ปากกา stylus)  Lamy EMR replacement nib | Shopee Thailand

  • Colour Black
  • Material Aluminium
  • Item Weight 24 Grams
  • Compatible with Smartphones, Tablets & Notebooks
  • Compatible items listed below. The list keeps growing may get outdated with time, so we advise you to please enquire before hand for compatibility check on new models in case of any confusion.
  • Wacom EMR Technology
  • 100% Genuine Lamy Product
  • Made in Germany


South Port Retail is an Authorised Reseller of Lamy products in India. This is a genuine Lamy product and comes with standard brand warranty.

Samsung Writing Compatibility

  • S21 Ultra 5G (SM-G998)
  • S22 Ultra 5G (SM-S908)
  • S23 Ultra 5G (SM-S918)
  • S24 Ultra 5G (SM-S928)
  • Note
  • Note2
  • Note3
  • Note3 Neo
  • Note4
  • Note4 Edge
  • Note5
  • Note7
  • Note8
  • Note9
  • Note10 (SM-N970)
  • Note10+ Plus 5G (SM-N975)
  • Note10 Lite (SM-N770)
  • Note20 (SM-N980)
  • Note20 Ultra 5G (SM-N985)
  • Tab S9 Ultra (SM-X910, SM-X916, SM-X918)
  • Tab S9+ Plus (SM-X810, SM-X816, SM-X818)
  • Tab S9 (SM-X710, SM-X716, SM-X718)
  • Tab S9 FE (SM-X510, SM-X516, SM-X518)
  • Tab S9 FE+ (SM-X610, SM-X616, SM-X618)
  • Tab S8 Ultra (SM-X900, SM-X906)
  • Tab S8+ Plus (SM-X800, SM-X806)
  • Tab S8 (SM-X700, SM-X706)
  • Tab S7 FE (SM-T730, SM-T735)
  • Tab S7+ Plus (SM-T970, SM-T975)
  • Tab S7 (SM-T870, SM-T875)
  • Tab S6 Lite (SM-P619, SM-P615)
  • Tab S6
  • Tab S4
  • Tab S3
  • Tab Active Pro
  • Tab Active3
  • Tab Active2
  • Tab Active
  • Tab A 8.0 2019 with S Pen Version Only
  • Tab A 10.1 2016 with S Pen Version Only
  • Tab A 9.7 with S Pen Version Only
  • Tab A 8.0 2015 with S Pen Version Only
  • Note Pro - 12.2
  • Note 8.0
  • Note 10.1 2012/2014
  • Galaxy Book Pro 360
  • Galaxy Book Flex2
  • Galaxy Book Flex S Pen
  • Galaxy Book Flex 5G
  • Galaxy Book Flex α S Pen
  • Galaxy Book 10.6
  • Galaxy Book 12.0
  • Chromebook Plus V2
  • Chromebook Pro
  • Notebook 7 Spin
  • Notebook S51 Pen
  • Notebook 9 Pen
  • Notebook 9 Pro
  • Galaxy Book2 Pro 360
  • Galaxy Book2 360
  • Galaxy Book3 Pro
  • Galaxy Book3 Pro 360
  • Galaxy Book4 Pro
  • Galaxy Book4 Pro 360

Box Contents

  • 1N S Pen
  • 1N Tweezers
  • 2N Spare Nibs (as per model)
  • User Manual


Actual colour of the product may vary from the photos displayed on the website. Mobile phone shown is only for pictorial demonstration and is not included in the package. Though the product has been tested and is designed to provide protection up to certain levels as per R&D but the product doesn't indemnify your device from breaking due to any kind of drops.


1 year international warranty. Warranty doesn't cover regular wear and tear, breakage of S Pen or nibs and/or fading of the outer as it is a consumable item and depends on personal usage patterns.

Manufactured By

C. Josef Lamy GmbH
Grenzhöfer Weg 32
69123 Heidelberg. Germany

Marketed By Lamy India, Imported By

FCE Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.
having its Registered Office at: N-40, Connaught Place

New Delhi - 110001
*Importers may vary and are mentioned on the product.

Country of Origin

*Country of origin shall be as mentioned on the Product

Devices with EMR-Technology


Tablet PC
Chromebook Tab 10 (9.7") – Chrome 
Switch 7 Black Edition (13.5") – Windows

Notebook PC
Chromebook Spin 11 (11.6") – Chrome
Chromebook Spin 13 (13.5") – Chrome
Chromebook Spin 311 (11.6") – Chrome
Chromebook Spin 511 (11.6") – Chrome
Chromebook Spin 512 (11.6") – Chrome
ConceptD 7 Ezel (15.6") – Windows
ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro (15.6") – Windows
ConceptD 7 Pro (15.6") – Windows
ConceptD 9 (17.3") – Windows
ConceptD 9 Pro (17.3") – Windows


(Monitor) Paperless Tablet 15 (15.1")


Tablet PC
Eee Note EA800 (8") – Linux       
VivoTab Note 8 (8") – Windows
VivoTab TF810C (11.6") – Android
Eee Slate EP121/B121 (12.1") – Windows 
Chromebook Tablet CT100 (9.7") – Chrome  

Notebook PC
Chromebook Flip C213 (11.6") – Chrome
Chromebook Flip C214 (11.6") – Chrome


Tablet PC
Chromebook Tablet Tx1 for Education (9.7") – Chrome  

Notebook PC
Chromebook NL7TW-360 for Education (11.6") – Chrome


Tablet PC
Latitude 10 (10.1") – Windows
New Chromebook 5190 2-in-1 (11.6") – Chrome
Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1 (7486) (14") – Chrome 

Dell Canvas 27 (27")

Dospara (Thirdwave Diginnos)

Tablet PC
raytrektab DG-D08IWP (8") – Windows

ECS (Elitegroup Computer Systems) 

Tablet PC
LIVA TE10EA3 (10.1") – Windows


Tablet PC
E-Pad (10.3") – Android
EPad 97 (9.7") – Android
EPad X (9.7") – Android


Tablet PC
A1 (7.85") – Android
A2 (7.85") – Android
T8S (7.85") – Android
T10 (EBEN 80008) (7.86") – Android
T4 (8") – Android
T5 (8") – Android
T6 (8") – Android
T7 (8") – Android
T8 (8") – Android
S1 (9.7") – Android
T2 (7") – Android


Tablet PC
nabi DreamTab (8") – Android


Tablet PC
ARROWS Tab QH55/M (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q584/H (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab QH55/S (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q584/K (10.1") – Windows
arrows Tab QH35/W (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q506/ME ( model name for educational users) (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q506/MB ( model name for business) (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q507/PE (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q507/P-SP (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q508/SE ( model name for educational users) (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q508/SB ( model name for business) (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q665/L (11.6") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q665/M (11.6") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q616/P (11.6") – Windows
ARROWS Tab QH77/M (12.5") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q704/H (12.5") – Windows
ARROWS Tab RH77/X (12.5") – Windows
ARROWS Tab R726/M (model name for business) (12.5") – Windows
LIFEBOOK Q775/K (13.3") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q736/M (13.3") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q737 (13.3") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q5010/CB (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q5010/CE (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q509/VB (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q509/VE (10.1") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q736/M (13.3") – Windows
ARROWS Tab Q737 (13.3") – Windows

Notebook PC
LIFEBOOK T731/D (12.1") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T732 (12.5") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T725/K (12.5") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T901/D (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T902 (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK TH90/P (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T904/H (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK TH90/T (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T935/K (13.3") – Windows
LIFEBOOK T936 (13.3") – Windows
STYLISTIC Q509 (10.1") – Windows

GE Healthcare

Tablet PC
Venue 40 (10.4") 


Tablet PC
HP Elite x2 1011 G1 (11.6") – Windows
HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE (11.6") – Chrome
HP Pro x2 612 G1 (12.5") – Windows
HP ZBook x2 G4 (14") – Windows Notebook PC
EliteBook 2470P/2760P (12.1") – Windows

Notebook PC
Chromebook x360 11 G2 EE (11.6") – Chrome
Chromebook x360 11 G3 EE (11.6") – Chrome


Tablet PC 電子下敷 ("Denshi Shitajiki", electronic sheet for writing) (14" (A4 size))


Tablet PC
YOGA BOOK (9.7") – Android/Windows
ThinkPad Tablet 2 (10.1") – Windows
ThinkPad10 (Year 2014 model) (10.1") – Windows
ThinkPad Helix (11.6") – Windows
ThinkPad Helix (Year 2014 model) (11.6") – Windows
Lenovo 500e (11.6") – Chrome 

Notebook PC
ThinkPad X220/X230 Tablet (12.5") – Windows
ThinkPad Yoga 12 (12.5") – Windows 

Think Vision LT1423p (13.3") 


Tablet PC
VersaPro J タイプVT (10.1") – Windows
LaVie Tab W (10.1") – Windows
LaVie U LU550/TSS, VersaPro J タイプVS (Year 2014 model) (11.6") – Windows

Net Dragon 

Tablet PC
101同学派ND3 (10.1")


Tablet PC
Surface Pro (10.6") – Windows
Surface Pro 2 (10.6") – Windows


Tablet PC
C5t (10.4") – Windows
F5t (10.4") – Windows
J3500 (12.1") – Windows
R12 (12.5") – Windows


Tablet PC
BOOX Note (10.3") – Android
BOOX Max2 (13.3") – Android
BOOX Max 3 (13.3") – Android
BOOX Note (10.3") – Android
BOOX Note 2 (10.3") – Android
BOOX Note S (9.7") – Android


Tablet PC
Toughpad FZ-A1 (10.1") – Android
Toughpad FZ-G1 (10.1") – Windows
TOUGHBOOK CF-20 (10.1") – WindowsCF-H2 (10.4") – Windows
TOUGHBOOK CF-33 (12") – Windows 
TOUGHBOOK CF-H1 (10.4") – Windows

Notebook PC
CF-19 (10.4") – Windows
CF-C1 (12.1") – Windows
CF-C2 (12.5") – Windows

Pendo Tech 

Tablet PC
HYPEN (A5 size)  
Digit-Note A4 Pro (A4 size)


Tablet PC
CAD reader (13.3") 


Tablet PC
super noteーA5 (10.3") – Linux
super noteーA6 (7.8") – Linux


Tablet PC
reMarkable tablet (10.3") – Linux
reMarkable 2 (10.3") – Linux


Smart Phone
Galaxy Note (5.3") – Android
Galaxy Note 2 (5.5") – Android
Galaxy Note 3 Neo (5.5") – Android
Galaxy Note Edge (5.6") – Android
Galaxy Note 3 (5.7") – Android
Galaxy Note 4 (5.7") – Android
Galaxy Note 5 (5.7") – Android
Galaxy Note 7 (5.7") – Android
Galaxy Note FE (Fandom Edition, only in Korea) (5.7") – Android
Galaxy Note 8 (6.3") – Android
Galaxy Note 9 (6.4") – Android
Galaxy Note 10 (6.3") – Android
Galaxy Note 10+ (6.8") – Android 
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (6.7") – Android 
Galaxy Note 20 (6.7") – Android 
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (6.9") – Android 

Tablet PC
Galaxy Note 8.0 (8") – Android
Galaxy Tab A (8") with Stylus – Android
Galaxy Tab Active2 (8") – Android
Galaxy Tab A Plus (9.7") – Android
Galaxy Tab S3 (9.7") – Android
Galaxy Note 10.1 (10.1") – Android
Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) (10.1") – Android
Galaxy Tab A (2016, 10.1”) with S Pen (10.1") – Android
ATIV Tab 3 (10.1") – Windows
Galaxy Tab S4 (10.5") – Android
Galaxy Tab S6 (10.5") – Android
Galaxy Book 10.6 (10.6") – Windows
Series 7 11.6" Slate XE700T1A (11.6") – Windows
ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T (11.6") – Windows
ATIV Smart PC 500T (11.6") – Windows
Galaxy Book 12 (12") – Windows
GALAXY Note PRO (12.2") – Android 
ATIV Tab 5 (11.6") – Windows
ATIV Tab 7 (11.6") – Windows
Galaxy Book 2 (12") – Windows
Galaxy Tab A Plus 8.0 (8") – Android
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (10.4") – Android
Galaxy Tab S7 (11") – Android
Galaxy Tab S7+ (12.4") – Android

Notebook PC
Chromebook Plus (12.3") – Chrome
Chromebook Pro (13.3") – Chrome
Notebook 9 Pro 13" (13.3") – Windows
Notebook 9 Pen (13.3") – Windows
Notebook 9 Pro 15" (15") – Windows
Chromebook Plus V2 (12.2") – Chrome
Galaxy Book Flex 13 (13.3") – Windows
Galaxy Book Flex 15 (15.6") – Windows
Galaxy Book Flex alpha (13.3") – Windows
Galaxy Chromebook (13.3") – Chrome
Notebook 9 Pen (15") – Windows

Sigong Education 

Tablet PC (educational tablet in Korea) (10.1") – Android


Tablet PC 「デジタルペーパー」 "Digital Paper" DPT-S1 (13.3") 

Telpa (General Mobile) 

Tablet PC
e-Tab5 (10.1") – Android

Terada Music Score

Tablet PC
Digital Music Score (電子楽譜専用端末) "GVIDO" (13.3" (2displays))


Tablet PC
REGZA Tablet AT703 (10.1") – Windows
WT310-106 (11.6") – Windows
dynabook V714/28K (11.6") – Windows
dynabook R82 (12.5") – Windows
Portege Z20T-C (12.5") – Windows
dynabook KIRA L93 (13.3") – Windows


Pen Display
Wacom One (13,3") – Windows, MAC, Android


Tablet PC
Bobcat (10.1") – Windows

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