Pre Reserve Terms

What is Pre-reserve
  • Be among the first few customers to lay your hands on the all-new Galaxy.
  • Application of the Pre-reserve VIP pass during final purchase will reduce the total payable by ₹ 1999.
  • You will also be eligible for additional benefits up to ₹ 2000*.
  • The pre-reserve window is live only for limited period before actual pre booking starts so you get more benefits of booking your interest.

Steps to Pre-reserve

  • Click on the Add To Cart button above to add Pre-order item in your cart.
  • Pay ₹ 1999/- using any of the payment options available.
  • You will get a confirmation of purchase of the selected model through email, WhatsApp & text message on your phone.

Benefits of Pre-reserve

  • Be among the first few customers to lay your hands on the new Galaxy.
  • The final purchase will reduce the total payable by ₹ 1999.
  • You will also be eligible for Samsung Pre-booking offers.
  • You get to buy first when the window opens
  • Limited number of passes available
  • VIP offer for a limited period and for select few customers only
  • Benefit of Rs. 2000 for every pre reservation made within the offer period. Once pre booking is closed, this offer will be withdrawn.

What is the difference between Pre-reserve & Pre-order or Pre-booking

  • Pre reserve entitles you to get extra benefits worth Rs. 2000 along with the regular pre-booking benefits of the product.
  • Pre order or pre booking entitles you to regular pre-booking benefits

When will I get the product

  • You will get the product post pre order step is completed.

How do I buy new Galaxy?

  • Post successful pre-reserve, you will be contacted by us to complete the process of pre-order. You will receive an order email from us clearly detailing the final pre-order of your device.
  • You can also call our helpline number 1-800-11-9777 for any further assistance.
  • You will get the product post pre order window is closed and when deliveries start provided you have paid the rest of the balance amount.

When do I pay the remaining amount?

  • The remaining order amount payment link will be shared with you to make payment when the stock is ready to be dispatched.
  • Purchase of the new Galaxy using your Pre-reserve VIP pass will come along with all the Samsung exciting benefits and pre order benefits.
  • While paying for the new Galaxy your total Cart amount will be reduce by ₹ 1999/- (Amount which you are paying for Pre-reserve)

What are payment options for Pre-order and future transactions?

  • All prepaid options like Credit Card, Debit card, Wallet options, Net Banking or any UPI based payment system etc. are available for the Pre-order and future payments.

Is COD available?

  • Cash On Delivery is not allowed for Pre-reservations or Pre-orders.
  • However, the remaining balance can be either paid using Cash on delivery or by using any other payment options available. Availability of COD is subject to service availability and at website discretion.

What happens if I cancel or don't utilise the Pre-reservation?

  • Get 100% refund in case of cancellation.
  • The coupon if not utilized, will stand automatically cancelled and refund of the Pre-reserve VIP pass of amount ₹ 1999 will be generated to your source account.
  • If you decide not to pay the rest of the amount, the pre-reservation will stand cancelled. and benefits will stand forfeited. The order will be automatically cancelled
  • But once pre booking step has been completed, the amount is only refunded as a store credit.

How to cancel a Pre-order?

  • You can cancel Pre-order by emailing us at or you can also call our helpline number 1800119777 and we would help you with further actions possible.
  • 100% of amount paid during Pre-reservation will be refundable.
  • You can also WhatsApp us at 9899740474 for any queries.
  • But once pre booking step has been completed, the amount is only refunded as a store credit.