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We would love to have you be part of our social media journey. Get notified for new products, launches, updates, re-stock alerts, early sale access, free goodies offers and much more. As part of our initiative, follow us today and get a chance to earn discount coupons for your future purchases now.

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For Enrollment Eligibility you have to fulfill the following criteria

  • This offer is only for existing customers of SouthPort.in
  • You must have purchased a product from us before
  • Customer has a SouthPort account
  • Follow us for min 30 days on any 2 social handles mentioned above
  • Do not unfollow us in the period of 30 days
  • Share a comment on any two of our social feed posts
  • Do not spam, lets keep this purely organic
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Tags & Mentions to use

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  • You will be eligible to get ₹2000 worth of discount coupons redeemable as follows
    • ₹500 for wearables
    • ₹300 for accessories
    • ₹200 for accessories
    • ₹1000 for devices
  • The discount is pure earning and is redeemable on any future purchases
  • This is unconditional discount and no purchase cap is there
  • Coupons will be mailed to customer after 30 days
  • Coupons to be mailed on registered South Port account email ID

What's More

Share your posts with 2 of your friends with our mention and tags and you will get additional ₹200 discount coupon from us redeemable on any product storewide.

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Take screenshot of all actions you perform along with your social account handles and mail to us at prime.southport@gmail.com from your registered southport account email ID.

Our team will verify your entry and will issue you the coupons after 30 days.

DISCLAIMER: All decisions are at sole discretion of management and if any kind of violation of terms or spam/fraud is detected, your entry will stand invalid and will be removed. You with face immediate blocking from the campaign, south port community and access to your website account. You will loose any points, coupons, unused benefits you may have on that account also. Please note that this is not a monetory scheme and it will not be admissible under any Indian/cyber law for any kind of loss happening to any individual or any account due to any unforseen consumer actions or unprecedented outcome on or due to social media. South Port & South Port Retail reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice and will be deemed to be applicable to all. We do not associate ourselves with any social identity.