Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Book Cover Keyboard Slim

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ Book Cover Keyboard Slim

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, S7+, S8+ Slim Keyboard Cover (Without Mouse Trackpad)

Slender and lightweight design

Enhance the shape of your tablet with the slim and light Book Cover Keyboard Slim. It installs in a snap. All you have to do is wrap it around your tablet like a book cover, and magnets will hold it in place. There's even a compartment to hold your S Pen for convenience.

Close up of Galaxy Tab S7 FE in the Book Cover Keyboard Slim. There is a graphic wallpaper onscreen, and the S Pen is seen inside the S Pen holder. Text says S Pen fits here. Another Galaxy Tab S7 FE is seen inside the closed cover, standing on its side to show the slim design.

*Book Cover Keyboard Slim is compatible with Galaxy Tab S7+ and Tab S7 FE. More compatible models may be available in the future.

The key to productivity

Connect to up to three devices with wireless keyboard sharing. Using Bluetooth, the keyboard can type on your phone or another tablet, while remaining connected to your tablet as a dedicated device. And you can accurately type while using Samsung DeX for a PC-like experience on a larger screen.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Galaxy Tab S7 FE in Book Cover Keyboard Slim, and a Galaxy phone. A calender is seen onscreen of the Tab S7 FE with an event titled Movie! The Tab S7 FE inside the cover has an architecture presentation onscreen. The S Pen is magnetically attached to the tablet. The Galaxy smartphone shows a message from Lindsey Smith: Want to see a movie this weekend? And the reply: Yeah, sounds good!

*Wireless Keyboard share feature is compatible with devices that support Bluetooth. Some key behavior may not be supported because only Bluetooth standard keys will work.**S Pen is included with Galaxy Tab S7+ and Tab S7 FE.

So long, microbes

Infused with an antimicrobial coating, the Book Cover Keyboard Slim blocks microbial growth to help protect against 99% of bacteria. So you can worry less about germs while you're working and playing.

Two hands seen using Galaxy Tab S7 FE inside Book Cover keyboard Slim. Two logos state Antimicrobial Coating and VALIDATED. Text says The outer surface of Book Cover Keyboard Slim (EF-DT730) resisted microbial degradation as tested by JIS Z 2801 and meets the requirements of UL 2282 UL.COM/ECV.

*To perform its antimicrobial function, this product has been treated with the biocidal substance Zinc Pyrithione.**Antimicrobial property does not completely protect users against bacteria and provides no protection against viruses including COVID-19. ***Antimicrobial effect may vary depending on conditions of use. ****Antimicrobial coating on outside of tablet cover only.

Prop it up and enjoy the view

Prop up your tablet to use it comfortably while you stream, game, or reply to emails. Simply unfold the Book Cover Keyboard Slim and your tablet sits at a 60° angle, for a view that doesn't strain your neck, whether you're on the couch at home or working at a cafe.

Galaxy Tab S7 FE seen in Book Cover Keyboard Slim, in profile from the side. The kickstand in back is out, holding the tablet up at a comfortable angle. An icon of the tablet inside the cover also demonstrates the 60-degree angle.

Compatible for:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (T733, T735)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (S7 Plus, T970, T975)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ (S8 Plus, X800, X806)

Box Contents

  • 1N Keyboard Cover
  • User Manual


1 Year manufacturer warranty for the keyboard. Warranty doesn't cover regular wear and tear, breakage, life of the glue or fading of the cover as it is a consumable item and depends on personal usage patterns.


Actual colour of the product may vary from the photos displayed on the website. Tablet shown is only for pictorial demonstration and is not included in the package. Though the product has been designed to provide protection up to certain levels as per R&D but the product doesn't indemnify your device from breaking due to any kind of drops.

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